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Professor Steven Businger
Principal Investigator
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Dr. Tiziana Cherubini
Research Meteorologist
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Ryan Lyman
Forecast Meteorologist
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Mauna Kea Weather Center Disclaimer: The MKWC is a weather research and forecast facility funded by the astronomical observatories on Mauna Kea; it is not a government-provided service like the National Weather Service (NWS). The general public is welcome to use the MKWC, but should be aware that its primary mission is to support the observatories and that the funding level does not permit the same level of service or reliability that one expects from a publicly-funded facility, such as the National Weather Service. We welcome constructive comments from all MKWC users, and strive to provide the best possible service consistent with our mission and resources. Occasionally, products will not be available because of hardware/software difficulties. In such cases we are aware of the trouble and your patience is appreciated.