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(Seeing data starts on September 22, 2009)

Last Seeing Data
DIMMMar 03, 2024 - 04:33 HSTnan arcsec
MASSMar 03, 2024 - 00:18 HST3.90 arcsec
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DIMM N/A | MASS N/A | MASS Profile N/A

No Data for this Night
No Data for this Night

Please note that currently the MASS software can overestimate the turbulence strength of layers in the case where the scintillation from the layer is strong. This is the case when the layer strength is very strong. We will be implementing a fix to this but in the interim note that the MASS data are preliminary.

The following operating weather thresholds are now in place for the seeing monitor:

      Wind < 50 km/hr (27 kts or 31 mph)
      Humidity < 85%

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